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Eaton man wants to get name on Republican presidential ballot

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Callis finds running for president 'very therapeutic'

Lloyd Jones

CONWAY—Who were the 14 Republicans who ran in the 2000 N.H. primary? Most probably know the top three finishers: John McCain, George Bush and Steve Forbes. Some remember the next three: Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer and Orin Hatch. But what about Dorian Yeager, Andy Martin, Sam Berry, Ken Capalbo, Timothy Mosby, Dick Harnes, Richard Peet and Tom Oyler?
Next year, Eaton's Michael Callis wants to be on the list. Any U.S. citizen 35 years or older can get their name on the primary ballot by filing a declaration of candidacy along with a $1,000 fee. The filing period is Nov. 3-21.
The accomplished free stone mason, a 14-year Republican, announced his intention to get his name on the Republican presidential ballot this summer.
"Right now I'm focussing on the local level," Callis said in an interview in the Sun's conference room. "I'm working the Conways to get support before I go to the state level and onto the Internet. If I'm invited to speak anywhere I would certainly take the invitation seriously."
Callis said his goal is to run a "constructive campaign," in which he offers solutions rather than creating controversy or stirring up problems. He had a wide range of thoughts and ideas on everything from the war in Iraq to righting the domestic economy.
"Running for president to me is very therapeutic," Callis, an amateur historian, said. "For so long things have been very frustrating to me ? from growing up and reading I've been concerned why we were in Vietnam; why we were in Cambodia; what was Panama all about and on and on. I went and analyzed those sort of things over the winter... As an amateur historian I enjoy researching history if I'm able to read first hand accounts or court accounts and written text at a certain period. What you have to do is connect the dots and I'm very good at connecting them."
Callis doesn't believe weapons of mass destruction will ever turn up in Iraq. He feels the U.S. government hasn't given the Iraqis enough credit for knowing this country's technology. "You have to think that they would be acting adversely," Callis said. "This has created so much commotion, (the Iraqis) would be insane to come out with weapons of mass destruction now... If they aren't producing them then it's truly an intelligence failure of incredible proportions."
Being a history buff, Callis said he can see "history repeating itself" from the Bay of Pigs which he called a failed assassination attempt on Fidel Castro, to the plot to assassinate Bin Laden in 1998. "Then we jumped the gun two days early in Iraq because we were given a tip we could get Saddam," he said. "It turned out to be just another failed assassination attempt."
Callis calls the CIA "a rogue agency left to go on its own without oversight," and he's been asked along his campaign trail what he would do in Iraq right now if he were commander in chief. He again uses history in his problem solving, dating back to the 1600's when tradesmen formed the order of the rose cross with the goal of liberty and free trade.
"In Iraq right now if we sent over 1,000 civilian ambassadors," Callis said, "it would require the support of the Bush administration, but more importantly it would require the support of the Islamic community. The ambassadors, who would be tradesmen or engineers, would create a cell of 10 Iraqi salespeople who will work to revive the country. For every cell of 10 Iraqi people, it's the equivalent of two US servicemen coming home... I anticipate in 90 days you could have 400,000 Iraqis working and at that point tell them that Saddam 'is yours for the taking.' We need to send engineers and masons of the highest order as our ambassadors. Who is going to build a road ? a politician or an engineer... I think it's simple to do. Unfortunately, the current administration didn't plan for peace."
Callis isn't afraid to call himself a liberal. "I refer to myself as a liberal who will put ideas on the table for consumption," he said with a smile. "I'm not force feeding anyone ? it's not an agenda forced down anyone's throat. All it is is thinking outside the box."
Callis believes Americans can and will right the economy. "Americans have unlimited potential ? they've proven it in the past," he said. "When they have a true focus, and use science and technology for the benefit of humanity ? for the people ? not for worldwide power, anything is possible... We must make sure that the technology we use is safe. As long as technology is left unchecked it's left to be a rogue. Technology is definitely a part of my platform."
Callis laughs when asked if he has the financial resources of his opponents. "The only thing I can depend on is getting my material out there and hoping that it will have legs and it will take off on its own... Last month I was on (Face to Face with Mark Hounsell) and held up my bumper sticker and said it was available for a $15 donation. Well, I was wrong, donations are for soup kitchens and libraries. As long as I have my wit and I can get out, I can campaign. The president has to overcome challenges ? what better challenge then to run my campaign on my own budget."
Callis believes Bush is vulnerable. "I've been talking to independents and Republicans who say they will not vote for Bush again," he said. "I've yet to meet anyone who said they're so impressed with him that they'll vote for him this time around although they didn't the first time... I call my campaign, 'Operation Rose Bush,' and have told President Bush my number is in the phone book and if he's going to call (to set up a debate) to use the red phone."



These are Letters to the Editor of the Conway Daily Sun.


Media Alert!
Nov, 2003

I am registered as a Republican for the NH Presidential Primary. I was born on January 17, 1953 in Nashville Tennessee. From the first grade to the present I have lived and worked in New Hampshire. From High school to the present I have been a stone mason, with the exception of 1980-82 when I was employed by the University of NH as a Grounds and roads foreman and acting supervisor for the Department of Works. I have a passion for New Hampshire history, the Republican party was started in Exeter NH in 1853. I play the fiddle and recently played for the Conway Pine Tree school's reenactment of the Oregon trail. I also like to run and completed a half Marathon put on in October by the White Mountain Milers and a Five K race for the benefit of project succeed an after school program. As a skier I am a volunteer gatekeeper for the MT. Cranmore ski team.

I love America and am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of the covert foreign policy implemented by Intelligence agencies over the last 40 years in the name of America and this is why I am running for President.

President Bush is the legitimate leader of America but the Supreme court decision in the Bush - Gore election needs to be challenged. The election process is a simple and ingenious process that should not have been tampered with by the judicial branch of government. The election process has a built in redundancy. If the republican process ( electoral ) fails than the democratic process ( general vote ) is there to fall back on, not the judicial branch. The dissenting opinion in the split decision was written by David Souter, a NH Republican. I am an American first and a Republican second.
Michael Callis for President




UN Made mistake creating Jewish state of Israel.
Nov, 2003

The United Nations made a mistake in creating the Jewish state of Israel, Israel should have been designated a country not a religious state. The U.N. should take the initiative to correct this critical roadblock to peace, blocking the whole Middle East. I am not alone in this observation, an influential Jewish Zionist has also expressed concern that Israel was not intended to be a religious state.
There is an important action that should be taken by Israel and I would frame it with the following statement. "Mr. Sharon tear down that wall, walls are appropriate for prisons and cemeteries, walls do not create a free state."
I am not anti-Semitic, my mother was an American German Jew, she served America in the second World War and I share her pride in our heritage. She was not afraid to criticize a perceived injustice that was being committed by her Jewish Rabbi elders. When she was 13, her father died and the Rabbi's were refusing to allow her father from being buried in a Jewish cemetery because of a scandal involving the infamous Mayor Curley of Boston. In tears she said, "No wonder they are doing what they are doing to us" she now rests beside her father in the Jewish cemetery.
My research of early American history clearly shows again and again the importance of the separation of church and state. It is a battle that is easily forgotten judging by the actions of the UN and by the Fundamentalist's in recent times. It is not enough to have the appearance of the separation of church, state and, most importantly, the courts, it requires the diligence of a free people that craves liberty for all.
Michael Callis

Copyright Michael Callis 2003